Friday, October 16, 2009

2012 - Is the prediction true??

The Mayans had predicted that our world will end 21st December 2012...
So, if the prediction is true, we only have about 3 years to stay in the earth...
Then where we will go if the world really come to the end??
Can the heaven keeps 9746 millions of people at the same time?? 
I was joking and so now come to the main topic...
First of all, do you believe in this prediction??
Some people may believe it and some people may not believe it...
For me, I categorized myself in the third type, 50/50..
Seriously, I do not hope that is true, but there are too many symptoms recently...

  1. 26th December 2006 - Tsunami in Indian Ocean.
  2. 12th May 2008 - Great Sichuan Earthquake
  3. 8th August 2009- Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan
  4. 30th September 2009 - Tsunami in American Samoa and Great Earthquake in Sumatera
There is only few examples of the symptoms that happened recently...
This make me believe in the prediction will come true...
If this day really come to me and to the world, all the people in the world will disappear in a second?
Sound scary...

Okay, if this really happen, and there is a time capsule that people can keep their things in it, I will choose six things at below in this capsule that can inspire future generations.

First of all, the BOOKS OF HISTORIES.

So, why I picked this??
The future generations need to know about what happened in the past..
They can learn from the histories and guide them to the right way..
They may find out who is their ancestors..

Second, Mr. Thomas Edison.

Mr. Thomas Edison do not only invented the bulb that can give light to us..
The story behind him should be learn by the future generations..
We should not give up easily although we faced thousand of failures.

Third, the Electronic Devices.

In this advanced technology era, we have camera, handphone, PDA, computer and others.
We used this to ease our life like communication, file sharing, gaming and others.
We should take this advanced technology to the future generations.
So that they can ease their life through these devices.

Fourth, Music Instruments.

As we know people can share their happiness and sadness through the music.
Music provide a good way to gather the people of the world.
It acts as a good communication method for the people.
Without instruments, there is no music.

Fifth, Sushi.

Okay, this is my favorite food..
Not only sushi, other delicious traditional foods like Chinese foods, Korean foods, western foods are also my favorite..
We have to take these recipes to the future generations so that they can taste what we have now...


If the prediction is really become true, this calendar must bring to future generations.
So that the future generations can predict when is the next doomsday..xD

So, these is the six things that I will bring to the time capsule if the prediction come to true..

Lets talk about the movie 2012...
The movie will be release in November 2009...
I have been waiting this movie since I watched the trailer...
It must be a nice disaster movie...

In conjunction with the release of 2012 the movie, Sony Pictures is having an online contest for the public to share what you would like to keep in a TIME CAPSULE to survive 2012’s disaster at . The contest is open for the public to participate and all you have to do is to upload an image of the item you want to keep in your TIME CAPSULE.

I've took part in this contest...
How about you??

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justkidding1 said...

my fren...dont be worry la...disaster happened evyyear evywhere 1 ^_^